2012 Potato World Hall of Recognition

Mogens “Moose” Givskud Inducted into Potato World Hall of Recognition September 2012 Mogens Givskud was born in Drummond, New Brunswick on July 4,1936. The youngest of five siblings born to Hans and Elizabeth Givskud whom immigrated from Uldum and Naestved, Denmark in the late 1920s. Mogens started working the land early in life, leaving school with a grade 7 education. He worked alongside his father growing potatoes, grain and raising livestock. In 1964 he married Victorine Violette and together raised two children, Michael and Mia.

Mogens bought the family farm from his father in 1964 and quickly focused on the potato growing operation. Producing high-quality seed potatoes and grain; continually acquiring more land and developing strong client relationships was his focus. From what started small, the family farm now grows 925 acres of seed potatoes.

Established in 1981, Mogens Givskud Co. Ltd. markets the production of the family farm operation and also buys potatoes from other growers to support client demand. Over the years potatoes have been exported internationally to Argentina, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Guyana, Russia, Uruguay, USA and throughout Ontario, Quebec and the Maritime provinces. In 1986, Mogens and three of his fanning neighbors (Carmel Beaulieu, Leopold Desjardins and Gilles Desjardins) formed Salmon River Seed Farm Ltd., a company intended for exporting to Cuba. At its peak, 110 000 50kg bags of potatoes were exported per year. With this venture, as with others, Mogens had developed strong relationships with his clients, referring to them as good friends.

  • 1994, he was implicated in acquiring a seed supply contract with Hostess Frito Lay that is still held today.
  • 1983 Mogens was awarded the NB Soil and Crop Fanner of the Year Award.
  • 1993 Ferme Givskud Farm was honored with the Business Excellence Award.
  • 1996 Ferme Givskud Farm was awarded the Minister’s Marketing Award of Excellence.

Mogens shared his passion and vision with the industry. He was instrumental in developing soil erosion procedures in the ‘70s. An application that was not seen as important proved to be vital in the soil and crop conservation practice. He was a long-time member of the NB Shippers Association, the NB Export Association and member of the Farm Debt Review Board.

He has passed on the family farm to his son Michael, but continues to be a constant presence in the office. He is amazed at how the industry has evolved and remembers well his humble beginnings; loading railway cars with a bag of potatoes carried over his shoulder. Moose, as many know him, is a kind and humble man. A gentleman farmer would best describe him. He always thought of his neighbors and fellow farmers, always ready to lend a hand. His determination, hard work and passion made him the businessman he is and the legacy he leaves for future generations.