Our Operations

Company Overview and History

Ferme Givskud Farm Inc. was founded in 1928 when Hans & Elizabeth Givskud immigrated to Canada from Denmark and bought 200 acres of land.  In 1964, Mogens took over the farm from his father and worked the fields to produce high quality seed potatoes and grain while continually acquiring more land and developing strong client relationships.  The farm is now owned by Mogens’ son Mike who is carrying on the family tradition.  Production practices have evolved, but a commitment to high quality seed production and satisfied customer still remain the motivation behind our work.

Located in northwestern New Brunswick, approximately 15 minutes from the US border,  it’s higher altitude and fertile soil make it an exceptional location to grow quality seed.

Mogens Givskud Co. Ltd. markets the production of the family farm operation and also buys potatoes from other growers to support client demand.  Our potatoes are marketed to Cuba, Dominican Republic, Guatemala,  Ontario, Quebec, the Maritime Provinces and Eastern US seaboard.   A portion of our crop is contracted with McCain Foods Ltd. for processing and with Hostess Frito-Lay for seed.